Immunity Booster Kit by Dabur and Zee Pharmacy

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The need for strengthening our immune system has never been more pressing. While properly washing your hands, avoiding public spaces, and minimizing travel is a good idea, keeping your immunity strong will help your body effectively fight off infection and disease.
Strengthen your immune system with the whole benefits of ayurvedic immunity kit by Dabur
Kit includes Gilroy, Pure Honey, Honeytus Syrup, Honeytus hot syrup and Vitazem Gold immunity booster tablets with Vitamin C by Zeelab Pharmacy

Dabur Golroy Tablets – Ayurvedic Immunity Booster (40 tablets)
- Prevents Cold and Flu
- Useful in generalized debility, fever, skin & urinary disorders.
- Beneficial in general weakness, fever, Dengue, Chicken Guinea, skin and urinary disorders.

Dabur Honeytus - Herbal Ayurvedic Syrup (100 ml bottle)
- Fortified with Tulsi, Mulethi and Banaphsa
- Non Drowsy Formula
- Relieves Cough and throat infection
- Anti Tussive
- Sore throat reliever
- Expectorant

Dabur Honeytus Hot Syrup - Ayurvedic Kaadha (7 pouches)
- Enriched with 15 differen herbs
- Instant relief from uneasyness and exhaustion
- Just add and mix with hot tea, milk or water
- Contains Tulsi, yashti, pepper, vasa and other natural herbs

Dabur Honey - 300 gm
-Purity Guaranteed
-320 kcal
-Helps in keeping BP lower
-Can Lower Triglycerides

Vitazen-Gold with Vitamin C (30 Capsules)
- Immunity boosting capsules
- Dietary nitritional supplement
- Dosage 1-2 capsules per day
- Multivitamin, Multimineral and Antioxidant Soft Gelatin Capsules